Wednesday, June 29, 2005

This is a "remake" of one of my accepted comics. He is always there with me (you) and for me (you)! You are not alone! He loves you with an everlasting love!
little lamb art

Being Single?

I just want to discuss on a more sensitive topic, perhaps also speak on behalf for some single friends out there and hopefully help to answer some of those sensitive questions they are often asked especially by someone they have not met for some time.

Very often, dear friends and relatives like to ask me questions like “when are you getting married?” or “any boyfriend or not?” Actually, this question of marriage vs. singlehood has seriously only been on my mind recently, or should I say, when I hit 30. This was the beginning of “self-doubt” and a series of “looking within”. Questions such as “Am I strange? Ugly? Selfish? began to surface. Yet I think I am normal, average looking. (Those who know me, can I say that of myself?) No major vices (maybe just TV addict), happy yet shy person. (Not many of my friends would agree on the “shy” description though.)

Looking around me, I have many single female friends who are in their late 20s or early 30s (Perhaps like people attract?) All of them are really very fine ladies, well-educated, kind hearted, generous at heart, humorous, pleasant looking and some are even very beautiful to behold too. To be honest, if I am a guy, I would sure fall for any one of them for any of the above listed attributes. Yet why?

However, I have not really felt short chained or lacking in any way for being single. I am not sure if this is normal, but I have never really imagined starting a family, perhaps only recently when people started to ask me and when I see several of my friends having entered into another new phase in their lives - Motherhood. Do I envy them? This I am not sure.

Other questions surfaced as well. Was it because I am too shy, not out going? Never go clubbing to know more people? Am I too strong, overly capable like a man? Am I staying at home too much? Or am I really missing out something in life like what all others are questioning me?

A dear friend asked me some time ago, been truly in love before? Not sure how to answer this in a few words. To like someone, I do, and the person changes in different phases of life. It certainly sound absurd to some of you, I felt I am already in love some 12 years ago since the day I knew Jesus. I am in love with Him. We communicate, we joke, we sing, enjoy a good show together, we go through thick and thin, I quarrel with Him (yet all the time, He is always right), I have cold wars with Him (yet He is always the one who takes the first step again to touch my heart). We are lovers, deeply in love with each other. (Please don’t think I am a schizophrenic, I don’t talk to myself!) I never felt deprived until people started questioning me… and I began looking at myself through people’s eyes.

But thank be to God, for the past year, I began to reconcile this fact. I see that not everyone who is in a relationship or who is married is happier than I am right now. I am very independent, I can watch a good movie, shop or read a book at a park alone, watch, laugh and cry over a good Korean drama, I enjoy my work greatly, enjoy the time in church listening to a great sermon, etc. (Enjoying moments being alone does not mean I have no friends, I have many precious friends, and you who are reading this could be one of them.) In short, I enjoy my life! This does not mean I have no desire for a relationship, if it comes, why not? Yet for now, I just want to be the way Jesus wants me to be, enjoying my life in Him. Hope this little note encourages you singles out there too! You are not alone, He is with you always!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

These are my nieces and nephews. I treat each of them as friend, and I hope they also see me as a pal too. In fact, for some of them, we actually address each other as "Hao Peng You" (this is hanyu pinyin, meaning "Good Friend"). Hi there, "You have a friend in me"!

little lamb art

My Nieces and Nephews

Today, I just felt like giving you all a glimpse into my big family.

Since I was at the age of 7-8 years old, I was already an aunt to my niece who is 7 years younger than me. Till date, I have 9 nieces and nephews altogether, they range from as young as a 1 year old toddler to teenagers and young adults. I can’t say that I am exactly one generation away from them, although politically speaking, the fact is so. But i prefer to treat them more as friends.

I have witnessed their growth, the changes and different stages in their lives, their challenges, joy and even moments of failure. Even within the same family, brought up in more or less the same manner, siblings differ greatly in character, interest and personality. Each has dreams and potentials, displaying individual uniqueness, just like there are no two same thumbprints or two same snowflakes in the world.

Just to illustrate, one is shy, a good listener and very tender hearted, another is bubbly, sociable, has the ability to strike a conversation with almost anyone. One is lively, with great dreams and perseverance to succeed, another has the ability to lead and influence, but need to direct this gift in the right direction. One is brave and sporty, another has a flair in music and sports. One is always so huggable and lovable, everyone who knows him likes him, another is creative and imaginative. And one I have yet to see the gift, because he is still very young.

Growing up with them, I learnt quite a bit by observing and even interacting with them. Everyone of them is born to be a champion, everyone is the lead character in their own stories. I am thankful to God that I get to play a part in their life stories, and for putting them into the same family as me. Most of the times, they are really fun to be with, although there are moments when they may step on my toes. Guess this is what family is all about, you can’t get to choose them, but you know what? They are still one of the best gift from heaven!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Painted above are what I believe would be the dream views for some of you. I am contemplating that one day I may draw a series of different windows with different views. Friends, do help me with this, I would really appreciate if you all can give some suggestions as to what window views you dream to have? Feel free to send me your suggestions via comments or emails, I will try to draw them! Let's make this blog more fun and interactive!

By the way, this blog was created on 24 May 05 exactly one month from today! Thanks, pals for dropping by. Have a blessed week ahead!

little lamb art


Just a year ago I would not even think of buying a flat. Yet things changed along the way and it’s time to move on.

Knowing I am in the design field, many ask me what kind of “style” I would design for my own house. Frankly speaking, I am a purist in terms of design, and I prefer minimalist, using minimal objects to achieve maximum result. All white, possibly with white tiles or raw concrete for the floor, frosted and clear glass for all doors, kitchen cabinet in metal finish, just a few benches or cushions in place of sofa, do without bed, just a Queen size mattress, a good dvd system and a huge plasma TV will do.

However, this proves not to be the case when I begin to design for my own flat, which I am going to live in, perhaps for the next few years with my Mom and eldest brother. I realized I may not want to live in the above illustrated minimalist style after all.

Most designers would think that they are finally free when it comes to designing for their own houses. To be honest, it is not so for me, what I enjoy designing for others, is unlikely to be done in mine. Now, functionality and comfort triumph over beauty and uniqueness. Permanence or timelessness rides above style and the purist ideal.

So what then? I am going to stick by the good old functional design. Perhaps timber floor and laminated kitchen cabinet. (Actually cost also plays a huge part! Metal kitchen cabinet is too expensive and I also could not convince my Mom, after all, the kitchen belongs to her.) And definitely there will be sofa and beds. Actually it is not the furniture or style that matters, but the love and ties that exist in the home that makes everything beautiful.

There is perhaps only one thing I wish to change, which is impossible for now, that is the view out of the window. For my ideal home, I want to see a huge field and a mountain full of flowers just outside my room’s window (For sure, I will have that in my future mansion which my Best Friend has designed for me). Yet, for now, I guess I got to bear with looking into another neigbour’s flat across the block, or simply pull down my curtain. Or should I paint a wall with a field full of flowers instead?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

This is another of my rejected art. To be honest, I got the inspiration from a card series that portrays lots of little lambs. This verse gives great confidence and hope, cos it affirms us that we will definitely go through to the other side, for He is always with us! Don't ever lose hope!
little lamb art

Father's Day

Many people around me asked me why I use lambs in most of the themes or main characters in my art and even used the nickname “little lamb” or “little sheep” for msn, and icq. (Hei those friends who call me “lamb chop”, you are too much! I will return your “evil” with good though!) I attempt to explain this on this special occasion, Father’s day.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”, a verse taken from psalm 23 in the bible, my dad’s favourite psalm. I used to read to him when he was alive, which partly explains why I can memorize this psalm and it has also become my favourite, one that I always find comfort and great hope in. In fact, if I would to trace it back, this psalm started my journey in drawing lambs. I remembered more than 5 years ago, my friends and I made a paper sculpture based on this psalm for someone we highly respect, that was my very first attempt.

Tomorrow is Father’s day. It seems like a long time since I last celebrated this day. Occasionally when I meditate on this psalm, I would think of my dad. As far as I could remember, I believe my dad loved me more than I loved him, in fact, I believe I am his favourite among all the children, being the youngest. He used to love carrying me around, fetch me to school, brought me to the 1st Macdonald in Parkway Parade for sundae, and also bought lots of toys for me, which I still keep till this day. I may also be the only child in the family that had travelled overseas with him and mom most.

Guess in the life of every growing teenager, there bounds to be a time when we dread going out with our parents, even feeling ashamed to be seen with them when we were with our friends. I was like that before. Yet, when you grow beyond that phase in life, you begin to realize this is one of the most precious gifts and relationships that God has bestowed upon us.

Somehow, love from our parents always seems to surpass our love for them. Their love is always sacrificial and unconditional, without expecting anything in return, and always wanting to provide for us so long as it is within their abilities and even at times beyond, throwing just a little light of how much our Papa in heaven loves us too! As for lambs, I think I will still draw them for a while till I find a better theme, as I would always be a beloved lamb in His sight

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Just a few days ago, 12 of us, made up of a vast variety of personality types and ages, visited the Tree Top Walk Suspension Bridge. This being our first time attempt, we, of course, chose to conquer the shortest route. Yet, despite choosing the easiest route, it was still a no small task for us (actually many of us have not been involved in strenuous activities for a long time.).

Let me give you a brief rundown of the entire trip. First, we have to park at Venus Drive, followed by about a 500m walk to our meeting point, many of us presuming that by then we would have almost hit the suspension bridge. Yet to our "horror", it was just the beginning. In fact, it was about a good hour's walk before we actually reached the staircases that led up to the bridge, with the walk on the bridge lasting less than 10 minutes! (Do a quick calculation, this is less than 5 percent of the total time we spent to walk to the bridge and back to the carpark!)

What am I trying to drive at here? Actually, many episodes in our lives are built on the same theory. The actual time spent in accomplishing our goal is usually several times more than the moment of it being accomplished. A musician may have spent several nights and days to produce a piece of music that lasts 5 minutes. An advertisement may have taken several months to produce before we watch it on TV for less than a minute. All of us have studied for years just to take part in an examination that perhaps last for only 3 hours and may have a life time impact on one's life later on.

This is not to say that results are not important, but the process of reaching it is just as important or perhaps even more, if the length of time spent determines its importance. Let's help remind each other, as we move towards our goals, let us immerse and enjoy ourselves in the process, after all, life in Him is supposed to be enjoyable. In fact, we may have enjoyed the process so much, when we looked back one day, it is likely we have a better recollection of the process than the achievement.

This indeed is so for our hiking trip. It was a really fun time of getting to know each other (or rather to know who has not been exercising for a long time). Just being there for each other, enjoying a common moment in life savoring God's created gift for mankind - nature, together. Thanks, bros and sis, for this memorable trip! How about Sungei Buloh next? Just kidding!

little lamb art

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Van Gogh has painted his sunflowers, vibrant yet sad. This is my humble attempt for a more cheery sunflower setting, just lack of putting in faces with sunglasses on them. This is my dream garden, either sunflowers or tulips will do...Hope it brightens your day too!
little lamb art

Morning Walk

Almost every morning, I have to take a pretty long walk to the bus-stop, it seems extremely long especially on days when you are running late. The walk is not exactly painful except when it rains, in fact, it is almost therapeutic and refreshing, a time to quiet down before a busy day ahead.

I live in a part of Singapore that is almost kampong like. These few days, I suddenly realized it is the time of harvest, as I saw huge durians hanging on the durian trees in my neigbour’s house. (Nowadays, you can hardly tell the seasons, because durians are available all year round.) Just a couple of steps away, I saw rambutan fruit, almost within my reach, in another neighbour’s garden. Almost like paradise! My mom has even attempted to grow guava and longan, and she was quite successful too. The only failure is planting sunflower, we tried countless attempts but still no sign of any sunflowers.

Living in this neighbourhood is really quite an experience. The occasional dog that follows me has already put the “fear of dog” far from me since I moved here. Chirpings of birds can be heard everywhere, yet not everyone is musical. The neighbours are ever so friendly, (I being the least friendly, because I often forget to greet them), they always greet me with a smile.

I will always remember. We played badminton using the fence that separates our neighbour’s house from ours as a net. We played badminton on the quiet road outside our compound. We tried flying kites, though not very successful. We barbequed countless times. We put up lanterns during mooncake festivals, and enjoyed my mom’s mooncakes with Chinese tea beneath the beautiful starry night sky. We walked about 10 minutes at midnight to eat supper at the nearby roti prata shop. We had warm, cosy family dinners in the garden compound in the season of giving, Christmas. Countless memories that will remain as treasures forever in my mind.

I am moving away soon, sometime in August this year, if everything goes as planned. I think I’ll miss this place. Yet, pressing ahead, I look forward to what is already in store right before me in great anticipation!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We know we are safe and secure when we see His strong nailed-pierced hands. Cheers!
little lamb art

Our Story

My favourite Chinese pop boys group, Tension has this particular song called “Our Story”. (Who says when you reach 30 and beyond, you can’t be like those crazy teens who still have pop “idols”!)

Every one of us has a story. In each, there are moments of glory and disappointment. Be it in our career, relationship, marriage, studies, etc, there are situations when we failed or are let down by someone else. As we grow up, we begins to view our childhood dream of a fairy-tale like ending “and they lived happily ever after” as unreal, almost an unachievable dream. No fairy tales tell you how the story is like after “they lived happily ever after”, perhaps the closest that tries to give you a glimpse of that is “Shrek 2”.

Slowly, we become pessimistic, viewing life through a pair of dark shades. Yet, deep within our heart, we still yearn for success. No one likes failure. However, have you tried approaching the problems we faced in life from another perspective? Suppose we equate problems to challenges, don’t you think everything seems to look brighter? In fact, challenges in life either cause one to grow stronger or become weaker. It all depends on how you view these challenges, either you see them as mountains (giants, and yourself as grasshoppers) or see them as a ladder (your food, bread) to bring you to a higher ground, the climb may not be easy, but you know you can make it to the top because you are in good hands.

I have a dear friend who is now facing a challenge in her life. I am not sure whether she will read this or not, I wish I could tell her I will always be there for her, but I know I can’t, or perhaps she just want to be alone now. Yet, I take comfort knowing that our beloved Papa will surely walk this path with her, and she will definitely come out victorious and stronger on the other side, able to offer help to many others later on, and change this not so bright episode in her life to a powerful inner strength! For I know she is in good Hands! Fairy tales can be realities!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Been writing on pretty serious topics for the past few journals, so want to cheer up the content with this light hearted comic, hope you can see the hidden images... count the sheep!
little lamb art


I was very amused by a beautiful music that ran along the road when I visited Taiwan last year, thinking it was some ringtone until someone enlightened me that it was from the garbage truck to inform the public of its coming. Whoever thought of this is quite a genius. Do look out for the truck that makes music next time you visit Taiwan!

Why the mention of garbage truck? Because recently I have been thinking and observing, I found the greatest professionalism in the least or most unlikely places. My neighbourhood’s garbage truck makes its round about 8.15am every morning. Several mornings, I am greeted by the 3 polite garbage collectors that come to do their routine rounds, and I respect them for their attitude, be it rain or shine, they work hard, with a smile.

I still remembered many years ago, I visited a rural site in the north, the site chosen for a school project. There was a small farmland, in a rather picturesque setting. We met a farmer, and we were there at the moment when he was trying to catch a huge fish near a reservoir with his bare hands. Seeing us, he gave us the entire fish as a gift, for he seemed to have already enjoyed himself tremendously during the process of catching it.

This fragment of my memories remained in me, creating no small impact. It was then that suddenly I realized, everyone is gifted with ability or trained in one way or another, no one on this earth was born without a talent or ability. We each have a gift that if we take time to find out, we will soon discover it. And as long as we continue to pursue and use this ability, it is like an uncut raw diamond, we allow it to be cut and finally glow. In fact, this ability is usually something that you enjoy doing. Be it drawing, singing, cooking, solving a mathematics question, cracking a joke, etc, even when you felt it being insignificant, don’t despise it.

Many happy people are those who enjoy what they are doing, that their works are no longer works but a form of enjoyment. Don’t just merely live, but live everyday to the fullest! Be true to yourself, you have a God-given gift in you!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

This is a pen sketch of the gift of love from my friends, beautifully wrapped, forever penned down in my sketchbook.

For all you friends that have supported this blog by visiting, thanks. For all that have sent me encouraging comments, be it in the form of an email or an sms, thanks. The journals may be a bit long at times, but do bear with me, for there is so much I want to express. For those who knew me for years, know that I am not a verbally expressive person, therefore I would rather express my thoughts in written text. I did stumble here and there due to my weakness in the English language, but then if John and Peter who were fishermen, could become writers of the New Testament, there is nothing impossible with Him! His strength is sufficient for me!

I attempt to make my art simple to understand, that any kid can comprehend it, for I truly believe that art also has no boundary, it reaches right into the hearts.

Do drop by regularly, thanks, friends!
little lamb art

Art & Masterpiece

Most people have the opinion that Music has no boundary, is beyond language, racial and cultural barriers. True. On the other hand, art is often recognized as reserved for the rich and famous, the elite, the refined and cultured few. Today, I would like to give Art a mouth, and attempt to offer a little different perspective towards Art, as in visual art, art that is seen and felt.

Spare me a moment or two, look around you now, every object that you see is conceived by someone, who perhaps has to go through several attempts before it is materialized into reality. The power of our imagination, that separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom, Man has the ability to imagine and create.

Art is around you everyday, in every area of your life, if I dare say so. Art is not something that you see only in the museum. (I am not belittling artists here, having 2 fine artist friends, I appreciate their works and ideals greatly.) I have a friend, who puts it her heart and soul in presenting every present she buys for her friends. Whenever I received a gift from her, I could hardly bear to remove the beautiful wrapping, it itself is an artwork, an expression of her love and effort she put into presenting it. Art has a mouth, art is a language of love.

Yet, the greatest masterpieces are with you every single day. Let me offer you a few examples. I have never stopped being amazed by the beauty of the sky, everyday, almost every moment, it is different, being the greatest canvas you can ever behold. Morning, noon, dusk. Perhaps we have been surrounded by so great an artwork everyday, that we lose sight of its beauty and start taking it for granted.

Now I bring you to observe a micro image, behold a leaf. Its beautiful structure, in the form of its veins, patterns and colors put me to shame many a times. There was once long time ago, I was so upset that despite of all my hard work and effort to put together my design for my architectural project, I finally realized that I would never ever produced something that surpassed in beauty when compared to a simple leaf even. That was the point I come to the end of my own self-achievement.

Finally, I bring you to the most beautiful creation in the universe – YOU. You are the most beautiful artwork the universe has ever behold. You were made with great love and tender care. The rest of the creation stood in awe when you were born. You are special, there is no other one like you on this earth, no two You, for You are unique, a treasure forever in His sight. You are His MASTERPIECE of love!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Today is my good friend's birthday. I dedicate the above comic to her. She was born 2 days after me, so I presume we might have met long time ago in that hospital where many Indian mangers used to be located.

In actual fact, we met in primary school, where we started off in different 'gangs' in Primary 1 & 2, enemies so called. Yet in Primary 3, I was transferred away from my 'gang', being alone and with no friends, she showed me kindness and since then we became best of friends. We ate ice cream for every meal together, shared common interests, chatted over the phone for hours (actually still couldn't understand what's there to talk about for hours, we could even asked each other to hold while we went to get a glass of milo or went to the restroom), we were like twins (though she was much fairer and I was and still am very dark).

However, we were separated after primary school, but how interesting it was, the further apart we were, the more we kept in contact. Finally we ended doing the same degree course in the university. Today we are still very good friends, though not the best, for the best is already reserved for the same Someone in our individual lives already!

Dear Friend, you are always there for me, though we may argue and differ in opinions in several areas as we grow up, yet we know deep within our hearts, we will always be friends forever. Blessed Happy, Joyous Birthday!

As to all of you out there who happen to read this, I dedicate this comic to you and your very good friend as well, that someone, who made a difference in your life before. Do give that someone a ring and tell them how much they mean to you.

little lamb art