Saturday, January 10, 2009

Heaven & Earth

A whole new year has begun, my school has started on a new semester. It is again a time of adjustment for me, after a one month break. In fact, I was really tired out for the last week, going to bed as early as 1030am as and when possible. Soon, I will get used to it again, praise the Lord!

Recently I have been pondering, and also at the same moment, very grateful for the time I am in. I am glad I am of this age. I am glad I have the opportunity to receive an education, the ability to read, the freedom to study, able to write, design and draw, to express myself and my belief. Much more, the freedom to love, to share the One I love, it may not be big gestures, but as simple as writing on this blog. Thank you all for coming here occasionally to read my thoughts, enjoy my art, and hearing me speak of my beloved Shepherd, this is my little platform of expression that I have been blessed with. And thanks for all the comments, I receive them with joy.

Reading on the history of the church, I am thankful. Thankful for those who have gone on before us, those who have given up their lives to give us what we have today. I read of the early church, how many were persecuted for their faith, how many chose to hold on to their belief and be killed, how many have preserved writings, risked their lives for the Word, so that we get to enjoy it today. I am indeed very blessed. We stand upon those who gave up their lives to give us what we have today.

Just last week, I heard someone said this to me, and my heart was moved, I believe I will remember this for a long time to come. He said the following:

Earth is the only hell we Christians will ever be in, yet Earth is the only heaven a sinner will ever know.

Take some time to ponder on this and be blessed. Indeed, this place where we are now, is the only place where we as Christians will ever experience sorrowful tears, heartbreaks, disappointment, frustrations, etc. However, this is also the only place a sinner will ever catch a glimpse of heaven through our lives, we are living advertisements for our Shepherd in this place in whatever field or influence we may represent or have. We are the Rep for our Shepherd here. Selah.

I am grateful that I can play a part. Guess no one is in a better position to reach the people around me than me, and no one can reach the people around you than you. What a blessed position and honour we are each given to play a part in. Thank you Shepherd. May You work in our lives, not of us, but all of Christ! Cheers!