Monday, February 16, 2009

My Neighbour

It’s been a month since I dropped by! Having my short school break now, that explains why I drop by…

More than a week ago, was my Mum’s birthday, when the entire family of 21 persons were gathered together for dinner, as the yearly custom was. On this particular day, after dinner, we all decided to head to my place to take a family photo together, and also to sing the birthday song over the birthday cake with my Mum. Therefore while the other family members were heading home, a few of us rushed to the nearby shopping mall to get a cake. While the rest were waiting for us in the car at the roadside, my niece and I headed to the cake shop, very focused on attaining our purpose, after all so many people were waiting for us at home.

On the way, we saw a crowd gathering, and like most curious Singaporeans, we passed by quickly while at the same time took a quick look. To our dismay, a man, probably in his 50-60s, must have fallen down, and there were some blood on the floor where he was lying … (and to write the following, I am being vulnerable to all who are reading this) At that instant, I was already engaging my mind, looking at him, in an attitude of “judging”, my mind was already faster than my heart could take over. Perhaps, trying to look concerned, I began debating with my niece if we should consider calling the ambulance (of course we should call, that goes without asking!), and what numbers to call. Yet, we still headed to the shop after a short pondering, after all, a car was waiting for us at the road side, and a huge family waiting for the cake at home. Moreover, there were so many onlookers, surely someone must have called the ambulance by now, I reasoned within.

As I held the cake in my hand, we passed by the injured man again, this time, a lady was already wiping the blood off his head, and at that very moment, I could hear my heart crying out, saying “ You could actually do that, offer that little bit of help… that isn’t difficult”. Doubtless, my reasoning was faster than the compassion of my heart earlier on. Selah.

Why am I sharing this tiny fragment of my life recently? Because as I was reading a certain book recently, there was a mention of the story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible. When Jesus was asked who was our neighbour, He shared this story. Our neighbour is whoever is around us and who is in need. The Samaritan fulfilled the role of a neighbour when he stopped in the midst of his busy schedule, to help someone who was in a position in need of help. Both the priest and the Levite, people highly regarded in the society, perhaps, after considering too much about their roles and positions, viewed it not befitting to offer help. It is as if at that moment, God was asking 3 persons, who is available? And only a Samaritan answers the call for help. Two responded with their brains, while only one responded with his heart.

I suddenly realized, how often in life, I acted more like the priest and the Levite, though many a times when I read this passage from the Bible, I almost despised the attitude of the priest and the Levite, trusting that I surely would act like what the Samaritan did. I finally understood, I identified myself with the priest and the Levite. I saw my self-righteous attitude…Selah. Yet, in the midst of all these thoughts, to my surprise, I felt loved, and not condemned, being very thankful to Daddy God. In and as of myself, truly there is nothing wonderful, for without Him, I am nothing. At that moment, I am reminded again, this is how Daddy God chastens His beloved child, through His loving word of life. Again I realized how much I must be loved by my Daddy God that He bothers to teach me with His loving word.