Saturday, October 11, 2008

Father's Love

I was reading a newspaper article today, on a Myanmar father saving as much as he can for his son to come to Singapore to study. One of the things that he said really cause me to ponder for a while, he said he and his wife do not have much...but they will sell their home and work for the rest of their lives, if they have to, to send their children to Singapore.

This really causes me to think, I must have been in such a blessed position, that all I have in life, education, family, a job, a place to stay, are blessings that I have taken for granted, perhaps sunken into a subscious thinking that it is my rightful rights to have them. Selah.
For another family, the parents' desire is to send their children to Singapore to study, and as for themselves, they have no plans to move here, so long as their children have a good future, they will be happy.
Selfless love... what do they benefit from slogging so hard to save for their children's future? After all, they are not likely going to share their children's success? Unconditional love... A love that sees not of oneself's need, but looks beyond, and only sees the desires, needs, the dreams of the one whom one loves. Selah.
If we mere human beings can have this kind of love, this love that only exhibits a greater love, (love comes from Father God for God is love), how much more will our Heavenly Father who loves us, desires to do even more for us? His sending His only begotten Son is the evidence... Selah.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


It has been more than a month! Okay, I have been pretty busy, no time to draw, no time to blog... But life has taken on a less competitive mode, although now having to juggle studies, work and other commitments all at the same time, yet somehow everything seems to lapse into a less achievement environment, everyday is simply just completing the daily task, enjoying my studies and lots of reading. (Thank God, I love to read!)
I decided I should write a more "artistic" blog today since for the longest time, I have not drawn and published any recent works. Since I started going back to school, all oversea holiday plans are likely not possible till perhaps in December holiday or put off till next year. Therefore I decided to give myself an artistic tour today, visiting a few of the Art Biennale sites. To my own surprise, I didn't expect myself to enjoy it so much, so I wanted to share some of the interesting works I came across Today. (I literally felt as if I am on holiday, enjoying my usual museum visits... one of my favourite destinations during oversea holidays, yah, I am a pretty "boring" person, friends would normally give museums a miss.)

So here I go to show a few of my favourites. This is the containers with paper rolls "Central Promontory Site". A few interesting works are found here.I like the views between the containers. Remember those years studying architecture, when I attempted to also design a building with containers.
The following is one I greatly enjoyed, it is an exhibit in one of the containers. I dreamt of doing something similar in one of my design recently.... but was abolished due to cost... So I am happy that someone did it! It is a loop movie of "nothing much"....

I love the following art work. This is quite cool, different images through different coloured glass. Actually quite philosophical... Life.... Isn't life a bit like this... depending on how one looks at it.

The followings are quite worth noticing too... The photos should be self explanatory. The first is a small room made up of old things stacked together... memories of the past...The second is a neon swing... The third is the connected rays which only made sense from one particular view in the immense space (Actually I like the space more)...

The following is one of my all time favourites, one that I may remember for a long time, playing on the trick of illusion, in actual fact there are 2 totally symmetrical salons side by side, giving one the illusion that the mirrors are real... The details are really quite intense, even the explanatory notes are also mirror images. And take a look at the clocks!

Hope you have enjoyed the above photos, just as I did... I felt as if I had a short holiday Today... Okay, okay, time to get back to... hopefully some readings... time to study for my Friday's exam... maybe tomorrow.... Cheers!