Wednesday, October 21, 2009

People Who Move You On

It is completely quite interesting to go for a 2-day architectural conference and realized that 2 of the speakers taught me before. I was drawn by the title of the seminar “Architecture for Humanity” and not so concerned about who the speakers are, when I wanted to attend.

It reminds me of God’s goodness to me many years ago when I was in school, that’s what prompted me to write this now. Suddenly memories of the past streamed right before my eyes.

I remembered I had a very difficult time studying in architecture in year 1, though I had a little fine art background. Therefore, most would think that to assimilate into architecture would be simple for me. But I really hated architecture after one year of school, especially doing design. For it seems that nothing I designed seem to please the tutor, and my subconscious aim then was trying to please my tutor. I had no idea what design is, what is a concept, worse of all, what architecture is for, I totally did not understand the fundamental basics of architecture.

While I was struggling through life during this period, I stumbled unto the narrative module, and the content was to produce a piece of architecture out of studying 2 artworks, one by Escher and another by Mondrian. That to me was the beginning of architectural enlightenment, I wanted to create a building that resembles Mondrian’s on plan, but carries the essence of Escher in space. It was the first time I saw something I had never seen before. Roof unfolded to become wall, and then to become the ground etc. This kind of concept was nothing special now, everyone does that, but about 15 years ago, this was totally quite unthinkable. Yet, despite of the fact that the idea was pretty unique, I failed to present it well to the examiners. Much to my surprise, my part-time tutor stood up for me then, and explained on my behalf. I was touched till this day. Thank God for that. I could not say I did well, but it was one of the better grades I had gotten so far for design.

Several years later, after I had escaped from my fear of design and returned to architecture to finish up my additional degree, I met another tutor that helped me. (I seemed to have a tendency to run off from problems….) it was the final year project. By then, I knew within my heart, that something seems to have dropped into my life, a small little seed of passion for architecture, a seed only possible to be planted there by God and not by myself. I got my first “A-“ in design. I remembered this tutor telling me, a good architect will also need to look into the details, something very simple but stayed with me till this day, and he was the first one who gave me an “A-“ and wrote sort of a commentary for my design.

The reason why I thought of these 2 incidents was, in life, there will be people that we will meet, some will affect us in a negative way while others, unknowingly will give us a push and move us to the next level. Perhaps they never knew what they did, but I was helped, and I thanked God for them. What a coincidence, both are speaking at the same time. Thank you Father God for You certainly can use people to help us through in lives. Thank God for reminding me again. I could never have understood and appreciate these incidents then, but now I do.