Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Build Things of Eternal Values

Been asked to ponder on this, am I building things of eternal values? In fact, hasn’t this been a question that is constantly on my heart since I can last remember? Yet as life moves into a routine, this is slowly forgotten, or rather, push to a later date, thinking I still have time.

I was asked 2 months back on my future plans in the company. In fact, it came as almost a shock to me.

Today I was asked how long have I been registered as an architect? When I realized the number of years, I was again quite shocked, rather than surprised, how time flies, it really seems like only yesterday when I passed my exam…

So what have I been building for the last few years? Building my career? I was doing that few years ago, and it was a long tedious, unfulfilling journey. Since, I have ceased on climbing the ladder 3 years ago… I realized I am not good at taking stress.

Indeed, suddenly I realized, I don’t seem to have a target in life, according to the world’s system. I just want to enjoy my daily life, live one day at a time, finishing my daily task on time and well, doing beautiful, good design, for the betterment of mankind when I am given opportunities. And also able to share the Lord’s love with others, whom God may bring along my path. I thought and still think this alone should be enough, in fact, any firm should be glad to have staffs like this. I would be very happy, if my employees think as such. Selah.

As I was looking through my family photos taken during Christmas last year, while uploading photos online a while ago, I realized, who said I am not building things of eternal values. I have a huge wonderful family, everyone beloved of the Lord, my dream once upon a time, to see my family coming to know Jesus, can be said to be fully realized now. Who said this is not of eternal value? I would not dare to take credit for this, but I am grateful to the Lord that I played a part in this. If the bigger the family is an honour from the Lord, then my honour from Him must be great.

Building things of lasting values, people, it is about people. It is about the people whom Jesus loves. My dream? To see all my dear friends, my old classmates, my colleagues, clients, consultants, partners in every area, etc, come to know Jesus and receive Him into their lives. This is my dream. I am not really a terribly good example of my beloved Lord, I know how imperfect I am in the flesh, but I still hope I can be used to point them to Him. Selah.

My dream. A life worth living for Him.