Monday, April 21, 2008

Nothing In Particular

Nothing in particular to write, except just a little "frustrated", perhaps due to several issues combined recently. Been wondering,why do we Asians view ourselves as more inferior when compared to other nationalities? This is not just my opinion. Let me bring up a case in point. There was this particular day when I was walking to office, and along the way, I began to notice the advertisements of the shops. Suddenly I caught myself asking, "am I in Singapore or not? Doesn't Singapore has more Chinese, Malays and Indians than Europeans, Americans, Australians etc...?" I was puzzled, because almost all the models portrayed in the advertisements I saw were not Chinese, Indian nor Malay, and even the mannequins have blond hair... I am simpled baffled, or rather frustrated...

This is not just confined to fashion per se, even in the field I am in, similar situation surfaces. Yet sometimes I wonder, aren't we just as good, or perhaps better at times? (Pardon me, but I am not being prideful here, just want to state a point). Perhaps I can call this the grasshopper mentality, when we start belittling ourselves, or when we imagine ourselves as that, we slowly become that of what we imagine ourselves to be... Selah, forgive me, just venting a little frustration here... Cheers!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Distraction From My Newly Acquired Toy

I bought a new toy a few days ago, and have been busy with it for the past few days, surfing the net, reading online thread, sourcing for softwares etc, it is indeed a tiring process, but I am glad I am almost half way there. I finally bought a pda phone, something that I have been wanting to get for the last few months, waiting and researching on a perfect model, or rather one that meets all my needs and wants. Why a pda phone, when in the past all I was interested in was a good camera phone, and later on a good walkman phone? After all, isn't a phone just a tool for calling and smsing?

It is all because of "envy". I have a very good couple friends who each has a pda phone, and whenever we are together studying the bible, they will read me different versions of the same verse, and sometimes even possible to give me the concordance numbers and meaning of the word, something that I am unable to do until I reach home and switch on my laptop to do an online search. I "envied" them. It took me almost more than a year to finally succumbed to this "temptation" and I bought it finally after several rounds of research, between several models available in the market and finally settle for this. It is a very beautiful gem indeed, one that satisfies my eyes, one that is of simple minimalistic clean design, and yet meet all the functions I would ever want. I did ponder a few months back, should I get an iphone (it is now quite easy to find one here, though it has not been offiicially brought in yet), or a pda phone, and finally I settle for the latter, main reason being the ease of getting the softwares and the functions I really need rather than the beauty of iphone, the functional me at work again. I thank Daddy God for this new phone, now I can bring around with me "several books" plus a mini "laptop" in just one simple phone, and if those real books were to be carried around, I think I may need a luggage! Not to mention it is also a simple camera and a mp3 player (though I still carry a separate camera and mp3 player with me everyday). I hope I will not let the full capability of the phone to go to waste... (Pardon me for "boasting" about my new toy, it is such a blessing to me! Guess my joy has also indirectly influenced my niece to get the same phone...)

This new toy is indeed a distraction to me from what I originally was planning to do during the last week, draw and paint more, I repent. Two weeks ago, I was indulging in my drawing, and a week after I am indulging in my new gadget. Oh, I wonder what I would be doing next week... I will try to promise I will not talk about my new toy here again! I just hope my friends can share my little happiness here now with me! Cheers!

P.S Yes, friend, thanks for your comment, I am indeed talking about you in the last post. When are you free anyway, to join me for a service? Cheers, Jesus loves you!