Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Fun

It's been weeks since I last wrote! Life is pretty busy, juggling between work and study, but not sure how to put it, there is a sense of fulfillment in the midst of studying and working. It's been 2 months since I started school, half day studying, while the later half working. Quite a struggle initally due to all the rush for tender, working late into the nights with my dear colleagues who rushed with me, checking drawings over weekend from home, poring over drawings at night, marking out the mistakes in red, reading my reading assignment as and when I had time. Yet, in the midst of these, I have great fun, everyday is exciting, everyday is a miracle!

Now that the tender preparation is over, and while I step into a week of school holiday, life seems to be back to the old days yet it seems not. There are new things I want to do, forgotten dreams and things I used to do being awaken.

I cherish the time spent in school, enjoy listening to my instructors, the rustling sound of turning the pages, listening and talking to new friends made, sensing their zeal infects me. Even more strange than it sounds, I enjoy my time in office working, more than the past, not sure why, time spent there now seems so precious and fun.

What's coming over me? I am not sure, but I believe I am having great fun in the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Cheers!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Been A Long Long Time

It's been a long long time since I last wrote anything here. A friend commented that it is no fun reading my blog these days as there are no more illustrations. To be honest, I hardly have time to draw these days, but someday I will come back to them again, cos I have left some illustrations half done.

My routine life has taken on a slight change, so I was adjusting to it for the whole of last month. I have added on another role to my life, beside being a daughter to my mom, a quiet employee, now I have become a student. Been wanting to take on this role for sometime, and finally I mustered enough courage to actually go for it, after a pretty long pondering process. It's been really fun for the past one month! Rushing for tender at work, reading and doing my assignment, going to school, studying for exam, very busy indeed, but everything seems so exciting, even though I am physically very tired almost everyday, but somehow deep within, I felt it is all worthwhile! Almost everyday is exciting! Felt as if I found back a lost piece of puzzle.

That's it for now, a very short blog today, but thanks to all my friends for dropping by here once in a while, to see how I am doing, I am well, enjoying my Lord's provision! Cheers! Thanks all!