Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Task percentages

I came home with a "heavy" heart, with a project tender going out next week, and the drawings are in really bad state, wrong ways of drawings, bad details, mistakes almost everywhere... how can I let such drawings go out for tender.... sigh... I wish my assistants can know my heart, understand exactly how I wanted them to be drawn. worry worry worry... terrible word!

Yesterday as I was on my way home from office at 8 plus, there was a sudden desire if only I can be translated immediately back home with a blink of the eye, without having to travel etc. At that moment, I did something really crazy, I took out my mobile phone and started calculating, if I take 1.5hours a day to travel to and fro from work, I would take 4.5% of my time a year just for travelling! Then I started tabulating the following list on the train home:

Travelling to work: 4.5% (1.5h/day, 5 days a week)
Sleeping: 29% (7h/day)
Work: 27% (9h/day, 5 days a week)
Eating: 8% (2h/day)
Shower/Toilet: 4% (1h/day)
Church: 3.3% (5.5h/week)
TV: 6% (1.5h/day)

All the above totalled up to 82%, with 18% unaccounted for. This 18% would include dreaming, shopping, watch movies, reading, travelling to destination other than work or even OT etc. Then you may even say how about multi-tasking? The above is just an estimate, taking the main activity engaged at a particular moment. Giving an example, you can be travelling to work and reading on the way, but the main purpose will be placed under travelling to work. It was quite an interesting finding. Just when I thought my work takes up so much of my time, but when I tabulate it over a year it is only slightly more than a quarter, all thanks to weekends! (I use 9h to include OT etc. However, the OT for my line is definitely more than 0.5h per day, this is balanced off with annual leave etc, so it should be pretty accurate, at least for my case.)

Anyway, the above is just food for thought... and another interesting finding is that I only take 1% of my life to read my Papa God's love letter, taking an average of 15min a day.... so sad... hmmm... so little...

Just need to think a little more about the above, whether the proportion of the time spent relates to the priority of that item, but one thing seems true, rest is extremely important, taking the highest percentage, "to labour to enter the rest", indeed i will attempt to talk more about it next time after I have thought through.

Meanwhile, the above illustration is an out of the world attempt by me. A good friend of mine while chatting over msn, gave a passing remark that one day she hoped I would draw a lamb on a motorbike (I have drawn one illustration of a couple on a motorbike before), and that explains the above illustration, specially for her, as a birthday gift!

Now, while I look forward to the weekend, remember that all things shall be alright, as I walked home from the MRT station today, I told myself in my heart, all shall be alright, and I cast all my cares on Him who cares for me. And you too!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I have been pretty busy this weekend and it takes me till about mid of the week to put my hands on my laptop to post this. In fact this illustration was completed quite some time back, the little lamb resting in wonderful peace, within the arms of the Shepherd, take a look at the expression of the lamb, peaceful contentment.

Been back from NY for more than 2 weeks, and having a holiday is really good, even to the point of being addicted to it, wanting more breaks, and I am right now "suffering" from this "withdrawal". Christmas is round the corner, and I am looking forward to it with great anticipation, even thinking about it makes me very happy. Yet not forgetting that this also means the drawing to an end of this year with a new year standing right before us.

For the past years since I can remember, I have been busy with studying, and after completing that, I moved on and became busy with work. Yet now looking back, I won't say I regretted the time spent, I did enjoy my studies and work most of the time, yet perhaps for the new year ahead, I would embark on some small changes, indulging in being a little lazy (quite a difficult thing for me to do, as I am quite a "too hardworking" person), spending a little more time at home even during midweek, this may mean some loss in income, yet I know my Papa God will provide for me, who knows, it could be the other way round, resulting in overflowing abundance than when I labour hard at work.

For a start, I have attempted to leave office before 8pm as much as possible, so far so good, I can watch my TV programme, have dinner at home, laze around. I learnt to only blog when I feel like it, not like the usual routine me, that must publish every Saturday. In the past, I used to wait for people to initiate gatherings, perhaps subconsciously fearing of "rejection", but now I decided why don't I do it instead, there is nothing to lose anyway? Initiating gatherings become something not so difficult for me after all, lining up 3 parties for Christmas, for friends and family. Learning to wake up a little later (even wanting to take leave to sleep, just that I can't as I had used up all) is a great step forward for me. Learning to live a life a little less demanding on myself, loosening up a little, trusting in Him a little bit more to provide for me. Live a day at a time. Do what I like to do. Live for and in Him. It is life awakening.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

New York.Illustrations.Summary

My "suffering" on the plane for more than 20 hours, but of course I had a short transit in between. But I cant't remember I drew this on the plane or after I had landed.

My visit to Miss Liberty on the 1st Monday. Up close, seen her from different angle. It is quite amazing that someone can construct such a huge sculpture such a long time ago.

I prayed for sudden good weather when it rained during our Niagara Falls trip. Though it continued raining in the end, we still had a good time, Niagara Falls are beautiful. Heard it snowed the week before we went, and later, i heard it snowed again in the following week. Guess we still had good weather?

This is our "maid in the mist" ship ride in Niagara Falls. So fun! I want to go back again another time. This time I want to see the rainbow in the mist.

Sketched this at central park, if you compared this to the photos, you should be able to find it. I actually wanted to do a ink and wash, but the paper I used was not suitable, and it was too heavy to bring watercolor out everyday... so... this explains why it is kept black and white still.

On the plane back, I drew this, kind of miss home, so this explains the illustration. All the above are just a simple cartoon summary of some events that took place.

This week, I will keep my writing to just these few lines, but with lots of illustrations for a change. Hope you all like them and they put a smile on your face this week! Papa God loves you all! Jesus our Shepherd will ever be with us always, cos we are His beloved little lamb!