Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rivers of Living Water

While reading a book by Watchman Nee yesterday, a present from a friend, I came across a portion that the author said he knew of someone who when one came into her presence, one is changed. The bible says that out of the believer shall flow rivers of living water. Therefore it should be normal for one who comes into the presence of any Christian that one be transformed, as the living water should quench the thirst of anyone.

This reminded me of someone I met recently in China. I knew not her name till this day, though we stayed in the same house for 2 days. While I was in China, I stayed over at someone’s house, and this lady was always serving us, preparing meals, and also praying. We hardly held any conversation except that we exchanged a few smiles. On the day when we were leaving to go back Beijing, she sent us off at the airport, and gave each of us a huge long hug, while at the same time praying for each of us. I can never forget that moment of hug. I actually felt the tangible love of God flowing from this woman unto me, which I am unable to describe, but simply amazing and it went right into my heart. Later on, my friend told me that she felt the exact feeling too, that something so tangible went right into her when that lady hugged her and prayed for her, she sensed the love of God.

Today while reading the book, this incident was played again in my heart vividly and I was touched all over again. That woman knows the love of God. That woman is constantly in the presence of God. She has rivers of living water flowing right out of her that can impact the people around her.

We have rivers of living water inside us. We quench thirst by His living waters. My desire. Only God can. Shalom.

Sunday, July 05, 2009


Back from China to Singapore 4 days already. it’s been busy at work, and also needed time to rest my body, I have yet settled down to take stock of what happened in the trip.

I learnt a valuable lesson over the 12 days in China. A question that floated into my heart, “How can a man has so little yet felt he has so much? And how can another man has so much yet felt he has very little?” I realized that it all matters in the heart, what one’s heart is filled with. When one’s heart is filled with love, it doesn’t matter what you have outside, you simply felt you have everything you will ever need in life. The love of God.

I saw lives that live passionately for One, their beloved Savour, Jesus. They give whatever they can afford and much more. They know with all their hearts that they are the beloved. They serve relentlessly, without holding back.

The hospitality of the people I met there was tremendous, way beyond what I could imagine. Their passion and zeal are contentious. In fact, I felt they have received more spiritually than I thought possible. Their trust and faith were strong. I am impacted. Their love and zeal are infectious.

I have learnt much, by the grace of God. Selah.