Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Happy Times

Surprise, surprise, surprise to see a posting on Tuesday? Yes, indeed, for today is a dear friend’s birthday, and despite of my “tiredness” and the need to sacrifice my TV time, I wish to drop a few lines here, “BLESSED BIRTHDAY!”

Really glad to be able to celebrate your birthday with you this year in Singapore, although still over the internet as of now, yet to be able to pass you your present personally, and to sing you the birthday song, is kind of different after so many years, instead of giving you your present either 3 months ahead of time, or sent it via friends or your mom.

It was really quite a simple, yet fun time we all had last Saturday, singing karaoke, (although you didn’t sing any, being too shy to sing, one day, you will, one day….), pure simple fun. And also the nice simple dinner, we all had, thanks, for being there, I was a bit afraid that you would be too shy to come, but as you can see, those friends are really great fun to be with! I always enjoy their presence, a simple meal, some wonderful times of sharing and joking sessions, just somehow brightened up the day. Glad to have them in my life, and you too, are a blessing from Him above to me! Thanks, pal, for always being there (in the spirit?) even though you are miles apart. Somehow, it is always easy to talk to you, though, forgive me, there are still many things that are not able to be shared openly between us, for an introvert like me, except with our Shepherd. (You too, right?)

And yes, hope you do not mind the colourless sketch, as what do you expect from someone who had just reached home at about half past nine from work? This is the fastest cute sketch I can manage to post by 12 midnight. Hope you still like the sketch. Meanwhile, do take this year to rest and recharge, and most of all, have a great time of refreshing, with our Shepherd, for time as such can last for a long while, and it is worth it all! So again, “BLESSED BIRTHDAY!”

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The best place to be

It's another busy week, and I am glad that the weekend is here! After 3 to 4 weeks of long working hours, it's time for a short break this week, yet all seemed to pay off really well, all thank to Papa God, the presentation went very smoothly and well received. While my attention moves on to the next urgent matter on the list, I am like a fireman, putting out one fire after another, I was having a little apprehension, a little concern at the back of my mind, as my dear friend cum working partner who does all my perspectives for me is going away for 2 months, leaving me to search for new perspectivist. As I was almost at a lost of what to do next, suddenly it dawned upon me that I should have asked the Lord for help. And you know what, on that very same day, I "met" my dear friend online, thinking that she was already away, and I chanced upon the fact that she postponed her trip for 2 months, and therefore she is able to help me with this urgent project before she goes. I was hilarious, overflowing with great joy and laughter on that day!

This is a precious lesson learnt, that I suddenly remembered in life, we tend to take things into our own hands, trying to solve them ourselves, and finally when we have run out of ideas, strength, or at a lost, we then would turn the matters unto our dearest Shepherd. May the time to reach this step, this awareness be shortened as we grow, which could save us a lot of trouble and wasted energy. Yet, I am delighted that His help is never late even with our vile human effort in the way.

The long hours at work for the past few weeks forced me to have very precious time of rest on my way home on the train, either in the form of a little nap, read a book or listen to a few beautiful heart warming songs. A song that always puts a smile on my face "I'll be with you" by Tension, suddenly painted a very cute picture on my mind one day as I was listening to it. This is a mid fast song, with a rap in between. As I was meditating on the lyrics, (though not a gospel song, it really sounds almost like a praise and worship song to me), an image of my Shepherd singing a rap and dancing in a rap manner appears in my imagination! Why not? He, the most creative Being in this universe, can definitely sing and dance, more than we could ever think or imagine. (If you think I am rude in my imagination, do excuse me.) I do believe my Shepherd is really much more fun than what we all can imagine Him to be!

In fact, I wanted to draw the little lamb dancing with the Shepherd, but the illustration didn't turn out as what I imagine in my mind, as beautiful, therefore it was replaced with the above, another image I saw while walking home today, a father carrying a tired child in his arms. (I hope to post it on board one day when I have beautified the dancing drawing.) Yet for now, be contented with the above, a little happy lamb being carried by the Shepherd, the best place to be in. Indeed, in the midst of all the hurly burly, I am really thankful for the little break, for me to smell the flowers, here and there, and yes, despite of it all, I am very happy and blessed, though a little tired..... zzzzz.....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Much Needed Rest

I have not been very consistent in writing my blog for the past 3 weeks or so, mainly due to work. When was the last time I reached home before 9pm on a weekday? As far as I could remember, I must have worked to about 10pm almost every night, with many things to clear, problems to solve, and new designs to think, some are really fun but some are really "drags". Yet so many things have happened over the week, and I have very little time to reflect on them, except the very precious time I have on my way to work and home on the train. This is my treasured time of solitude, as I cherish and enjoy every moment of it, most of the time. Yet I think I may have unconsciously offended some colleagues, as they seem wanting to strike a conversation with me when they met me on our way walk to office, but i just simply smiled and asked them to move on without me. Because this time is too precious for me to share with anyone else, except with the Lord. This little time I have, gives me strength for all the challenges I will face for the rest of the day.

Yet, despite of all this intermittent rest, I think I will soon retreat to take a much needed rest, a wonderful, body restoring, mental renewing, spiritual uplifting rest, especially now that I have entered into my sixth year of working life, I felt I would want to take a small step of faith by the end of this sixth year, as I step into the seventh year in September/October this year, to take a break, what people called sabatical break. I think maybe only pastors practise this, but why not us as well? I am not asking for a full year break but just a couple of months, about 2 to 3 months, and I believe that my Papa God will provide for all my needs, as I take His principle of rest literally, for His principle always work. The eagle needs to take time to renew its feathers, its youth, so that it can soar higher and further. This is my dream for this year.

Just a sidetrack, I have finally gotten my laptop last weekend after I have talked about it for almost half a year in my blog, and you will be surprised to know that, I have barely touched it for more than 2 hours since I bought it. To be honest, I am a desktop person, and I hardly am well versed in laptop, perhaps touching one only at presentation, even with the help of other colleagues to set it up for me, although many friends thought that I am an IT savvy person. Do pardon my ignorance, I did not know that a laptop could be so hot when operating, that I immediately called up my niece to verify since she has just gotten hers 2 months earlier. It was so hot I believe it could boil an egg. Yet, I am not afraid, because I have gotten a 3 year warranty free for the package, all thank to Papa God!

Another small piece of good news is the estate that I am staying is now having repainting works, which to me is great. It seems to me that finally the exterior of the flat that I am staying is lining with the interior of my flat. My flat is almost like new, until you step out of my door. Yet one month down the road, everything will look almost brand new, thank You Papa God, for the apt timing.

Thanks for listening to all my tiny fragments of thought here and there, not much related to one another, but just simple updates of what's going on in my natural life. Despite of the tiredness I feel right now, mainly due to work, I am still very happy and blessed, for He has given me a hope to live every day of my life to the fullest, and He does not disappoint. Cheers!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Simple Story

Not sure if you remembered that I was reading a book called “Grace Awakening” by Charles R. Swindoll previously. I had finished it more than a month ago, yet there are several pages in the book that I left a folded little corner, that when time is appropriate I hope I can write about it. The book has left a deep impression on me, of great value that I believe I would always find it useful now and in future.

There is this little story I read in the book. A prominent artist went to his daughter’s house for tea. His little granddaughter misbehaved and was made to stand in a corner with her face facing the wall. The grandfather did not interfere with her discipline, but the next day, he arrived with his painting equipment, and painted a kitten chasing its tail, lambs in the field, goldfish swimming on the wall. This was in case she was punished again in future, she would have something to look at. This is just a very weak demonstration of our Papa God’s gracious nature, He may discipline us, but He never turns His back on us, and He certainly has something beautiful in store for us, even when times seem difficult, because of our own doings, He will still cause everything to be beautiful.

This reminded me of another very small account that happened today, and may still happen time and again in future. I had a little homework to do today, that is, to visit a few showflats to do some research for my work, and my good friend had kindly accompanied me and offered me lifts to all the destinations I had planned. In the midst of the visit, perhaps there was a tiny almost unnoticeable disagreement, about our individual viewpoints towards design, etc. (We had very scholarly discussion when together most of the time….) Perhaps a very, very short moment of unease was felt. Today, while I picked up the same book I quoted the story above, I flipped through the folded pages, I noted another area that moved me tremendously the last time I read it, “even the godly will sometimes disagree….I soon discovered that there were not only various opinions on the same subject, but that God has the audacity to bless those who disagreed with me….God reserves the right to use people who disagree with me”, but the most significant passage was “God is not nearly so narrow as many of His people are. I find that God is much easier to live with than most of His followers…far more tolerant, certainly full of more grace and forgiveness than all of us are.” And suddenly I was reminded again, in many disagreements each side is also valid, and let us agreed to disagreed.

I learnt a lot through the years. I used to be so stubborn, unwilling to hear the other side of the story, insisting on the fact that I must always be right, though I may still be right, the other party may not be wrong either. I could still remember those days when my friends try to show me the beautiful redemptive work of Christ to me, and how I would argue with them, even to the extent of challenging them with extreme difficult questions, holding on to the fact that I knew and read the bible before, to find questionable stories and events to “laugh” and even question them. Yet who is to believe that several years down the road, I would be standing in their situation facing people of the same sort as I am.

In fact, today, I sort of stumble as to what to write, wanting to actually write my views on the different approach to design (I would still discuss this very dry topic one day in future, as it is getting more and more interesting as I discovered in the bible how Papa God approaches design). But now, I ended up almost writing a book review, sharing some precious values that I hold dearly in my heart these days, and yes, when I meet people I may disagree at work etc, I know that at the end of the day, we are still friends, work is just work, and yes, I am still not there yet, but I know I am in His hand, imitating my Shepherd, indeed He is more gracious and forgiving than most of His followers!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Simple Weekend

I am not ashamed to say, I am into gadgets, almost a fanatic, and I actually enjoy reading reviews of new IT gadgets. The above is one of my toys I bought more than a year ago, just only 6 months after I bought my first digital camera. And yes this camera has been faithful to me, serving me for my job's need, running to several places overseas with me. But most of all, it has captured many of my most unforgettable moments for the last year, especially times I spent with my family, such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, my mom's birthday, or for no special occasion but to just capture those special moments of delights we all had together as a family. I am the photographer for my family.

It's finally Saturday today, a day I had been looking forward to. I was pretty caught up with work for the past week and I finally have a little time now to indulge in this small luxury of penning my thoughts. I love simple weekend like today. I took a little time in the morning to oversleep till about 10am, before I reluctantly dragged myself up, after seeing carpets in my dream just before I awoke. I must have been so caught up with presenting the selection of carpets to my client the day before that I had such dream, this is the "ills" of my profession.

In the late morning, I spent some precious time with my sister, shopping at the nearby shopping centre after we had our favourite breakfast at Ah Kun Toast. And then I spent 2 to 3 hours in the afternoon reading comics, finishing 2 books! As time drew nearer to the late afternoon, all my brothers and sister-in-laws, most nieces and nephews, except for one, came and we all had a nice simple dinner together.

Now, I am finally all alone at home, while all of them have either gone home or went to my brother's place for a time of some games together. I love tranquil moment like now, time of solitude, spending some time alone, and yet not alone, but with my Lord, counting my blessings. I am truly blessed. This life of simplicity I treasured. I love the time together with my family, I love the time being alone. I enjoy my life.

Often, several times a week, I would look around my little flat and I begin to thank the Lord for this little abode I live in. I thank Him for my family, so full of unselfish love for one another. I thank Him for a wonderful place of worship where I am reminded of His love for me every week. I thank Him for friends that surround me in time of joy and laughter, and in time of needs. I thank Him for a job that I enjoy doing (most of the time). I thank Him for life, for the ability to see, hear, feel, touch and taste. But most of all, I thank Him for giving me hope to live, a promise of a wonderful future, an eternity to be spent together with Him. I am thankful, I am glad. And yes, I have captured many of these unspeakable joyous moments into little images with my camera, to remind myself time and again, that indeed I am blessed, I am truly fortunate to be loved by Him.