Monday, February 25, 2008

Sweet Memories

It's been weeks since I last wrote. Chinese New Year is over, and since my trip back from NY, the pace of life seems so fast. One doesn't seem to accomplish much, though a lot of things are waiting to be done. Although I did not work late, yet upon reaching home from work, I tend to just want to sit in front of the TV rather than before my laptop.

Recently, I seem to be flooded with lots of old memories. My godfather, he used to be my neighbour, visited me every 3rd day of the Chinese New Year. I, being the youngest child in the family, with all my siblings so much older, even my youngest older brother and I are 11 years apart. I used to love standing outside my neighbour's house, as they have 5 girls, and every time while I stood there, I always hoped they would open their door to welcome me in to join them in their games, be it cooking, game of pretending, playmobil, etc. That was when I started wanting my Dad to buy me more toys, perhaps subconsciously, I hope my neighbours would want me to play with them because of my toys, I sounded pathetic...

I did have a great time though, playing with them. That few years broadened my ability to imagine, as we played so much of the game of pretending, and legos and wooden blocks and manjong to make houses etc, and how all those experiences have translated me to enjoy architecture now. As I got closer to them, they made me (actually my mom asked) their goddaughter and that is how our relationship lasts till now even after we had moved house about 20 years ago. Sweet memories. Thank God for them, that I have great childhood playmates.

For the past 3 weeks, I caught up with 2 old friends, both from university. In fact, I hardly spoke 10 sentences with one of them in school then, I believe. Yet, how strange divine destiny works. We happened to meet last year at a wedding, realizing that she might be my colleague, and since then, we have been keeping in touch regularly. And now, only recently, I met up an old friend too, how we have lost touched for so many years, though we did briefly met 2 years ago. I believe in God's restoration, time of renewing old friendships, time of putting away old prejudice, time of starting afresh, learning to change the way we used to think, allowing Daddy God to make a difference in our lives, and learning to accept others just the way they are. Learning to wait, and to accept things as they are, though not necessary what you want them to be, but trusting Him that all things work together for good. Cheers.

This week shows one of my favourite recent works, it was done about 3 months back, I loved it so much, I was quite reluctant to show it in this blog, except that I have not completed any new art work. The thing about me is I love to keep what I like most quietly to myself including my artwork, for own enjoyment, and this is one of those, it seems a little "lonely" at first, but it isn't so. I love it, the serene and quiet starry night. Show you the actual picture next time!

P.S. Actually I wrote this a week ago, but wanted to add a little more before publishing it, but I was so busy that it took me till now (2 March 08) to look at it again.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Home at last, Rest

Touched down yesterday. Slept whole day yesterday, jetlag. Went to work with lots of things to rush before Chinese New Year while running a high fever Today. Doctor said "Office wouldn't care about our health, I should just go back home to rest." Anyway, didn't listen to my doctor totally, went home only at 3plus, after meeting. (Fear crept up, what if I cannot meet my dateline next week, cos of all the Chinese New Year break? Already arranged for meeting, how can I not appear and be on MC when I was the one who requested for the meeting? Drawings need to be sent out today before our holiday break. Etc etc.) Ponder. Is this the kind of life I really want? I "flared" up Today for the first time since I returned to work last year. Sign of stress. Selah. Rest, rest, rest. No more the old way of doing things for me, I need to rest in the Lord in whatever I do. Grace grace.

I shall post some cute illustrations soon, did quite a few before I left for NY, but they are all not coloured. Had a great flight back home, pardon my ignorance, for the first time, I took a direct SQ flight back from NY, it was so spacious even for the economy class! There is a continuous supply of snacks at the snack counter. The first time I felt I travel "in style"! Praise the Lord! All airline economy seats should be like this! One don't feel that bad or uncomfortable due to the long 18 hours flight because of the comfort on the plane. Thank God! Okay, time to go and let my body rest again...body must be tired out due to the extreme weather difference and having to adjust to all the time difference, etc. I go rest now, so as to enjoy my Chinese New Year holiday! Cheers, I am alright! Blessed Chinese New Year!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Coming Home

I am heading home tomorrow, praise the Lord! I missed our hawker food, mee siam, you tiao, etc etc... I have been taking sandwiches for lunch for several days, I simply cannot understand why one would want to eat cold sandwiches in winter... I miss home cooked food, miss church, miss home...

However, the trip is fruitful, learn a lot, not in skills per se, but rather learning to work with others... (I know all along I am not an easy person to work with, for several reasons, for the good of the project, wanting to be efficient, having pretty high standard, wanting to complete as much within a short time, little patient for slowness, okay, okay, all these are excuses.) I did enjoy the process this time, all praise to the Lord again.

Finally caught a musical today, or rather yesterday, since it is already past midnight. We just bought any reputable musical and watched, my colleagues and I, with me sort of influencing them to watch with me. We watched Mamma Mia, one that I didn't manage to catch when it was showing in Singapore. It was cool! We had a good time! This caught me sort of addicted, to go shopping tomorrow or should I watch another musical (hopefully The Lion King) before I rush off to catch my flight back. Guess I will know my final decision tomorrow, likelihood is both! Cheers, see you all back home soon!