Sunday, February 25, 2007

He Goes Before Us

I was not planning to post anything this week as there was no new inspiration for any illustration. To be honest, I am not exactly in great mood, perhaps the slight dissatisfaction at work, the seemingly "looming" situation at home, and ..., sigh... wish to have a pair of wings to just fly away at times like this... (Don't worry, I am fine, just not "over the moon" only).

Yet amid all the minute storms in life, and my fruitless attempt of trying very hard to put out the small fires here and there, I took my eyes off the One who cares for me most, My Shepherd, Jesus. Today, I heard a wonderful sermon, a topic that has never failed to touch me, the sermon of the Shepherd and His sheep. The call of a sheep, or rather the sheep's role in life is simply to follow the Shepherd, as simple as that.

Therefore, this explains the above illustration, one that captured my imagination today after hearing the sermon. I remembered years ago, I had a good friend in Secondary School, one of the few who attempted to introduce Jesus to me, she copied the entire story of "The Footprints In The Sand" in my autograph book, a story that never fails to touch me till today. It is about a man who had a dream, and in that dream there were always 2 pairs of footprints in the sand, however he noticed that when it came to crisis in his life, there is always only one pair of footprints. (The footprints in the sand illustrate his journey in life, one pair belonged to him and the other belonged to the Lord.) So he asked the Lord why was that so, did the Lord left him alone during his times of trouble? The Lord must have answered Him ever so tenderly and gently, with love in His eyes at that moment, saying that during those times of trouble, the Lord Himself was carrying him over, that explains the single pair of footprints.

I have also heard another story, about some primitive people who when attacking their enemies, they would walk in a single line, and stepped only on the footprints of the person who walked before them, this is to prevent the enemies from knowing the number of people they have, therefore leaving only one pair of footprints on the ground.

I am not attempting to illustrate the 2 stories above. The illustration is just a piece of my imagination earlier on as I was pondering on the sermon. Our role as sheep is to follow the Shepherd, as He will surely lead us through, and He will never leave us nor forsake us. Therefore in the above illustration, you see a pair of footprints in the sand, the sheep follows the way as the footprints of its Shepherd would lead, for the Shepherd goes before it. Hope you like the illustration.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Apple of His Eye

It's been 2 weeks since I last wrote. A bit exhausted mentally and physically, having very little zeal to write or even draw, though the idea for the above image was already conceptualised a week ago. I could not muster enough courage to draw the eye, as any discerning person who has read and viewed my illustrations in my blog would know, I tend to avoid drawing the front view of my Shepherd. To me, no matter how good an artist I am or I could be, I can never draw Him accurately, even several times when I attempt to draw Him from behind, I felt the proportion wrong or inadequate. He is so marvellous and perfect that I don't see myself capable of drawing Him to His full extent of beauty or ever will, until perhaps when I see Him face to face...

This would be my first attempt to draw a portion of His face (although I have attempted to draw His hand before), even that, I was aware of the inadequacy of my illustration. My desire to draw a compassionate, merciful, loving and yet powerful eye is beyond me, and no amount of my vain human imitating could possibly illustrate this image to the way I desire, therefore I trim the eye to a very limited portion, just to bring forth the concept "apple of His eye".

Meanwhile, I am glad that it is a 4-day break starting from today, as it is Chinese New Year again. No great plan for this season, and since I hardly do visiting these days, I shall take this opportunity to rest a little, really need that. Come to think of it, one either read that I am so busy, so tired, need a break etc in my blog, that is really nothing else left..... guess this career in architecture is really drawing too much out of me, though I know that I should "let go and let God", "quit trying so hard and just believe", "enter into His rest", etc, it is simply that perhaps I have yet come to the end of trusting myself.... It is not easy though it is simple. For the past week, I have dreamt on several nights in a row, of changing the layout plans of my residential projects, meeting the clients, going to site, etc.... scary... people have nightmare, I have "workmare". I have enough of residential projects, despite of how many times I mentioned this to my boss, it simply does not seem to register in his mind that I have enough .... I think ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I don't want to take any more lip service.... One thing becomes clear to me all of a sudden today, it is vain to put my trust in man, only Jesus can we trust!

Sigh, enough of complaints. My blog has become my avenue of voicing my complaints. Forgive me, my desire for this blog has always been to illustrate His wonderful love for us and not for complaints. I believe after this 4-day break I shall be better. I know the breakthrough is ahead, Lord, give me the courage! I wish you all a blessed Chinese New Year! Only in Him can we trust! No worry, pals, I am fine.... just a bit cranky today.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chef For A Day

Papa God has been faithful to all my little cries, and truly for the past week, the demand and pace in my work has slowed down a little, and I can afford to rest a bit. Yet in the midst, I came down with a flu, running nose and a slight sore throat, it is the little things as such that ruined perhaps a much needed break, after approximately 2 weeks of hardly any rest in between. Perhaps it is also a little reaction from the body crying out for a break? Thank God for a speedy recovery, I went to bed at 9pm on Wednesday and had a good 10 hours sleep to 7am the next morning.

Just a little fragmented thought of mine today, we, people of modern-life, have come to a stage in our lives that we can almost no longer devote our full attention to a single task. This afternoon, as I was attempting to write something for this blog, plus converting some cd into mp3 format, and surfing the net to source for some items, I realised that I was multi-tasking. In the end, I did not manage to complete any of the tasks that I set out to do completely, whole-heartedly, this is the disheartening part of modern age. Even as I pondered on this, it was brought to my attention that even our computer function similarly. Although in many cases, we subject it to do several tasks at the same time, yet because it is multi-tasking, it runs slower for each task, guess you must have noticed this. Try opening several windows at the same time, each running a different program, you will realise that the speed substantially slows down for each. Even with the new series of duo core system, it seems this is still happening, guess it is simply reflecting a simple principle of life. It is better to stay focus on one and do it to the best then doing several things at the same time and none is well done. Selah.

The above is just a thought that flew through my mind today. Enough of that, my colleagues and I were all "dolled" up with a common theme on Friday for our D&D, in chef's hats and plastic disponsable aprons, and we all looked simply adorable seated together around a table. Armed with fake utensils and real vegetables, just like the above illustration. Don't you think we must have looked really cute? We did have a great time. Much to my surprise, all at first who seemed least interested in dressing up for the occasion, all ended up with so great enthusiasm on the actual day, united in one accord, hopeful to win a prize, but the ultimate aim to really enjoy ourselves. It was great! (Note: If only we can be so united even when we are working...., but somehow we are getting there... real soon, grace grace!) And yap, the above illustration is specially for all of my colleagues who have dressed up as chefs together!