Monday, August 10, 2009


Wow, it is life back to normal supposedly, after I finished my 10-month full time study, with a personal study trip to China with my classmate and a personal rest trip to Tokyo. Life's so good in the Lord! There are so much to talk about for the past 1 year of my life, yet I shall not bore you all with the details unless anyone of you are really interested to hear my story. It was a wonderful journey, or rather, the beginning of a wonderful journey, which I am still in the process of walking. The last one year was to get me started on it.

I really thanked God for this period of time, a time almost totally spent with and in the Lord, enjoying Him, almost every single day, this is life, this is life indeed! There is no way to explain it, and one has to experience Him for oneself, indeed, taste and see that the Lord is good, and only Him can satisfy, nothing and no one else.

The last trip to Beijing was an eye-opener, the trip to Tokyo was a wonderful trip with the Lord, though I travelled with my good friends, I did have some personal moments, just the Lord and I, walking the streets together, enjoying the architecture, shopping in the supermarket, on the subway, etc. Strange as it is, I really enjoyed all the little moments of solitude. Though I still enjoy being with my friends, of course. Yet, only His presence satisfies truly. I realised and learnt that I don't have to do what is supposedly considered godly activity to enjoy His presence. I don't necessarily have to be reading and praying every moment to enjoy Him, though these are really really very very good activities. In the midst of our busy schedule, normal life, we can simply enter into His presence, by just knowing that He is ever with us, and engage Him in your activity and commune with Him. At that moment, you just simply know that He is there with you. What a wonderful truth we have.

Yes, indeed we don't go by our feeling, yet, somehow that feeling will just come when you realise that Jesus is always with you, and when you start conversing with Him. It is so wonderful, life in Christ! Engage Him in your life, you will love every moment of it! This is life indeed!