Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back Home

We are finally back home. Indeed, we went through a sandstorm in Taiwan, though it was not that bad, except that we did not get to see a blue sky, or clear view at 101. The only setback is the flight back on SQ. On my return trip, I was planning to finish  watching a movie filmed in Canada that I could not finish on my flight to Taiwan. The unfortunate part was that the multimedia set was spoilt, even though the air steward had tried to reset twice. Why? Not just my set was spoilt, but my mom's and sister's sets were spoilt.... Guess I might not have a chance to complete that movie.... Could not Singapore Airline did a thorough check before the flight and move us to a new row? By the time we were told that there was no other way except to split us up was almost 2 hours later... Sigh... We paid for SQ, but we did not receive the kind of entertainment quality we should have on a SQ....

Thank God I have my netbook and camera with me, so the above photo was one of the things I tried to do to keep myself occupied.... maybe SQ should compensate me with a free trip... dream on.... keep on dreaming...

Monday, March 22, 2010

4th & 5th Day

4th Day
We have finally come to the end of our holiday in Taiwan. On the 4th day, we visited SYS memorial hall, and 101, followed by Wufenpu wholesale market and Raohe Night Market. It was quite unfortunate, for the weather was very foggy, and we didn’t get much of a view at 101. However, we did buy lots of things at Wufenpu, one of my favourite shopping spots.

5th Day
On the 5th day, we were so free, we bought our pork floss in the morning, visited a few places, such as Yongkang street, Zhongxiao Fuxing etc. A few of us went back to Wufenpu, and we visited Shilin together again. Since it was our last night in Taipei, we listened to the advice of several taxi drivers, we visited the night market near Longshan Temple. But much to our disappointment, there really was nothing much to that place.

We have visited most of the places we wanted to visit in Taipei… hope everyone had a good time, I did. Praise the Lord! We are flying home tomorrow.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

3rd Day In Taiwan

We booked a car with driver, Mr Zhang, for another day on the 3rd day. He fetch us from the airport to hotel on the 1st day, brought us around to Yehliu and Shihlin on the 2nd day, and brought us around to buy the local products, such as Fenglisu, Laopobing, Taiyangbing, etc on the 3rd Day. We went to CKS Memorial, visited Martyr's Shrine, Dihua Street, Danshui old street and Keelung food street as well. We ended the 3rd day shopping at the underground shopping mall at Taipei Main Station. That was our itinerary in short.

The good problem is that as we booked a car for 2 days, we visited all the places I planned to bring my family over 3 days within 2 days, leaving us with one day free, not sure where to go on the last day.... Daddy God will lead us....

Have not reported on our hotel room, not too bad... we are staying at Royal Castle, not fantastic, but good for the location and very near Ximending, we have a family suite. It is fun staying together, except for the bathroom, we have to take turns... but staying in the same suite is fun and rowdy...

ok, time to go and visit 101 today. 再見!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

In Taiwan, In The Beginning

1st Day
We are finally here in Taipei, and we have started one of our favourite activities on the first day, shopping.... pretty tiring.... Staying near Ximending is a plus point, as the ladies can go shopping there while a few of us can just go back earlier to hotel to rest.

2nd Day
It is a busy day. We visited Yehliu yesterday, a beautiful natural site at the coast, with interesting landform due to erosion. We then proceeded to Jiufen old street and Jinguashi. This is my 3rd visit to Jiufen, a place I like very much due to its culture and architecture, but strange, my family did not seem very fancinated by the place. At Jinguashi, we did not attempt visiting the gold mine.... too lazy to climb.

We dropped by the Gold waterfall, it was beautiful, and we headed to Yangmingshan late in the evening to see the flower festival. And our last stop was at Shilin Night Market. A very packed day. I was not feeling very well, likely due to lack of proper sleep the night before. A good sleep will do me good, by the healing power of God, and indeed it is so.

cheers... Today we are embarking on the 3rd Day, a day of shopping for local products....

Shalom to my family back in Singapore, we will enjoy ourselves... Jesus loves you!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally A Family Holiday

I remembered several months back at our family gathering for Christmas, I briefly mentioned I wish this year we would be able to go for a holiday together as a family. This is quite a task as my family is huge, close to 20 persons, therefore we could have filled up a coach if we go as a family not to mention the cost... Yet I was not imagining something of that magnitude, though it will be great, but one that comprises of several of the family members.

And before Iong, this is coming to pass. We are going to Taiwan Today, a family of 5, my mum, my brother and sis-in-law, and my sister. This is really exciting! We are visiting the country where my mom was born....

May we have a great trip together, and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that My Daddy God is ever with us, and He is always with us, enjoying the trip with us and blessing us! Jesus our Shepherd shall lead us!

Hopefully some updates from Taiwan soon....

Shalom to my family here in Singapore!