Sunday, May 25, 2008

3 Years! Thanksgiving

Today marked the 3rd year I created this site, amazing, it's been 3 years! And in a couple of days, I would be celebrating my birthday as well.

Yesterday, a bunch of good friends from church came to my place to celebrate my extra early birthday, to be honest, I was pretty touched, almost the entire gang turned up! Thanks to dear sister Nicole who organised, your beautiful basket and wrapping is so charming, I will think of how to use the basket for my home decor when free. Penny who has gotten the photo game and Cindy for the impromptu games. All who contributed to the self-sustainable plant, it's true it is a bit small, but thank God it is small, I am not a very responsible person, so small is good! Book vouchers from one of my favourite bookshop, though I don't really like receiving vouchers, I am glad I have gotten this, cos I was thinking of getting new books to read. Fruit from Cynthia which I didn't manage to cut and share with all, I shall finish them in the coming week as part of my salad dinner. Cake which is still in my fridge, sister, my family and I don't really take liquor stuff leh! I am trying my best to finish the cake a little by little a day, still have a quadrant, how? I like pure Chocolate/ice cream cake...hint hint for the future... And thanks Tingni's for thinking of contributing otah, my family loves otah, except me, don't know why, my mom forgot to throw that into the genes. And my mom's cooking, I love to share my mom's home cooked food with pals, so I have gotten her to make my favourite pobiah and curry.

I recalled the last time I met up with the same gang was last Christmas, and I realised I have actually missed out so much since! I didn't know a dear friend's pregnancy, another's recent career change, etc. A little sense of regret did overwhelm me a little as I pondered, I hardly have time these days to catch up with them, not because of my work, in fact my work situation is almost ideal now, it is quite unbelievable. Sorry, friends, Sunday is bit tough to have lunch together these days, and I also feel paiseh to ask you all to wait for me, it will take far too long...

Come to think of it, all these friends were made over a long period of time, 3 were from secondary school, 2 from university, 3 were from church camp, 2 were from queuing up for church service and then the group grows and grows. This is a little secret here, there was a time quite long ago I wish all the different gangs of friends in church will become good friends with one another, and it seems like it has sort of come to pass. Amazing!

No special resolution or things to accomplish, just want to thank Daddy God for my family, friends, my health and career and a year ahead of knowing Him a little more, for Jesus is my Shepherd and I shall not want. Cheers!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

X & Y

Remembered I bought a new phone recently? I also changed a phone provider at the same time, after 8 years... As a result, I have to changed my phone number which has been faithfully serving me for the past 8 years. Not that I wanted to change my number, just wanted to have a new phone, and a new service provider...that was 2 months back, not knowing that IDA is going to introduce the full mobile number porting system by June, which means I can have a new service provider and yet retain my existing number. Now that it is finally going to happen, the sentimental part of me has decided to use back my old number, after having used my new number for barely 2 months, as I could hardly remember my new number instantly. So forgive me all my friends, that I have smsed you all twice to change and revert back to my number, I am just a victim of the system.

I missed seeing colourful pictures on my blog... do you? I have drawn a little recently, but they are not for the purpose of blogging. I missed drawing for this blog, so here it goes.
I was reading about the Generation Y yesterday in the papers, and I realised that I have actually been classified under Generation X due to my age, though I felt I am more a Generation Y than many of the Generation Y people I knew. (According to the test I took, I am a Generation Y, irregard of my age, hehe! Refused to be older!) So what makes a Generation Y? One that uses sms, blogs, creates website, watch online, use facebook, download songs... etc. And what is so unique about this group of people? They go for "freedom" and quality of life. Think I belong to this generation!
Today I watched a Taiwanese documentary, about people who have achieved some sort of recognition in their small respective fields. One is an ice cream maker, only at the age of 55, who finally decided to go with his dream. He said something pretty profound, he used to work, work for the sake of money, for the sake of his family, for the sake of living. Now he works because he simply enjoy his work. Another is one that perfect the skill of making chicken, how they would actually look into very small details to perfect their recipe, for the past 30 years. Amazing! Yet there seems to be one thing in common in both of them, they enjoyed themselves. First thing first, enjoy yourself, and the end product will usually end up good! Just my simple conclusion. Cheers!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Whether Weather Wetter

For the last two weeks, as far as I could remember, the weather was almost unbearable. There were several occasions when there seem to be rain arriving, but soon we realised they were just false alarms. These were also the rare occasions that I did not want to stay at home, and even felt being in office was not a bad idea after all. Not that I have no air-conditioning system at home, just that it is not available in my living dining room. The same time last year seemed more bearable, as then I still remember I was resting at home and I was able to stand the heat. Complain complain complain. I pray for rain to come soon, hopefully tonight.

Interesting to note, I ended up blaming almost everything on the weather. The attempt to draw something on the last labour day was given up, I blamed it on the weather. I went grocery shopping with my Mom, ended up buying lots of things, I blamed it on the weather. I was quite lazy for the last 2 weeks, ended up spending labour day sleeping, I blamed it on the weather. My... the blaming problem has not ceased since the day Adam fell...

This marks almost the end of another lazy weekend... Wake up little lamb... wake up. (I actually dozed off twice while watching TV just now...) Hope I will acomplish something in the coming week... selah.