Monday, September 27, 2010

A Fine Break

Again it's been several months... I used to write and draw so often...

I had a 2-week long MC (medical leave) 2 weeks ago... do not worry, it was just chicken pox, and therefore I was home bound. However, it was a rather pleasant break, as I could not leave my house, and therefore I got to find things to keep myself occupied at home.

It was a good time, I picked up my drawings again, painted a few small paintings, drew a little, read a little, conceptualised a comic, etc etc... I have a habit of buying books, basically 3 types of books, Christian books, children & adult picture books and architecture books. Just for that period of rest, I finished all my picture books, and I was so inspired by them, I started painting again, and drawing comics.

Despite the discomfort, it was really a precious time of being at home with my mom as well, rethinking certain issues in life.

Certainly Daddy God has caused everything to turn out for good.... 


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